DFSS stages protest against illegal stay of Bangladeshis

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 10: The workers of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena (DFSS) under the leadership of its president, Ashok Gupta, today held a protest in old Jammu city raising the issue of Rohingyas-Bangladeshis stating that a plot to reduce the Dogra population has been implemented by settling the Bangladeshis on the outskirts of Jammu.
While speaking on the occasion, Ashok Gupta revealed that post 2012 Rakhine State conflict in Mynmar (Burma), several thousands of Rohingya immigrants who were forced to leave their native land entered India through porous Indo-Bangladesh border and reportedly there were several thousands of Burmese families who had unlawfully settled in the outskirts of Jammu city during last three years or so.
He said that apart from them several thousand immigrants from Bangladesh were also believed to have inhabited the city illegally who had been living in makeshift slum colonies at some of the congested areas including Rajiv Nagar, Kasim Nagar, Bhatindi, Borhi, Channi Himmat and areas adjoining the Bahu Fort besides others.
Smelling a deep rooted conspiracy being hatched to settle these immigrants in Jammu region, Gupta divulged that it had been reported that these people had clandestinely managed PRCs, identity cards, ration cards as well as water and electricity connections for their daily needs due to patronage of some politicians and officials in the administration.
He stated that while the Rohingyas from Mynmar and Bangladeshis could manage to settle in the Jammu in the recent years and Tibetan refugees enjoying the voting rights in Kashmir, It is irony that West Pak Refugees being the citizens of India who crossed over to Jammu to survive the massacre of partition, were still struggling for the State Subject rights since 1947.
“Most of these Rohingyas are beggars and street hawkers who are acquainted with the nook and corners of Jammu which in terms of security is a very big threat”, Gupta added.