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Dengue patients on rise

Dengue epidemic was detected a few years ago and immediately stud and research was conducted that showed that it is a vector-borne disease. Dengue mosquito breeds in stagnant waters and carries the virus to human beings. Therefore, the first and most important step in controlling this disease is not to allow dengue mosquito to breed and pose threat to human lives. 24 Dengue cases have been reported in Jammu but so far no deaths have happened owing to this disease. We learn that Health Department is taking adequate steps in collaboration with municipalities and local bodies in controlling the epidemic and their efforts have yielded dividends.
Dengue is a dangerous and fatal disease. As such the threat is to be taken seriously. Public awareness is of vital importance. Precautionary measures have to be brought to the knowledge of one and all. This apart, the Municipal authorities have the largest responsibility. In the first places stagnant water bodies have to be fumigated and made safe against the breeding of Dengue mosquitoes. In rainy season of monsoons, water logging is the common scenario and the JMC has to be overcautious that Dengue mosquitoes do not breed. Mohalla committees have to be advised to have Dengue prevention teams in respective localities which will be visiting the hoses of the residents and educating them not to keep water containers without lids or not to let children or even adults wear sleeveless dress that exposes their limbs to the attacks by Dengue mosquitoes. In fact a full scale campaign has to be launched against the spread of Dengue. Municipal Corporation and Local Bodies have to get activated against the danger of dengue. An important step in this direction is that hospitals in the cities and in towns especially in district headquarters have to be equipped with proper medical staff, equipment, blood banks and other medicines. Dengue patients require blood transfusion to increase platelets and as such all district and sub-district hospitals have to be provided with these basic requirements to treat Dengue patients at their level.


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