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Dalhousie Hilltop School announces offices in Jammu, Srinagar

Dalhousie Hilltop School announces offices in Jammu, Srinagar

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JAMMU,  Feb 12: Dalhousie Hilltop school, a leading CBSE boarding  school in Dalhousie, has  announced the opening of its offices in Srinagar and Jammu.
By opening up local offices Hilltop will make it easier for the parents to get information about the school and also go through the admissions process in their area with the help of a local representative. The local offices will also cater to the needs of the students and their families after enrollment. For more information, one  can reach the Jammu office in Gandhi Nagar at 9103234100 and 94-18996677.
Dalhousie Hilltop also held an admissions seminar at Amar Singh Club today. This event was attended by a lot of people from all over the State,  who availed the special concessions offered for students of Jammu and Kashmir. With a close relationship with J&K, spanning over the course of more than 35 years, Dalhousie Hilltop has come up with special concessions designed to assist the many students and families affected by the recent events in the State.
Poonam Dhawan, president, spoke about Hilltop’s commitment to J&K and highlighted the numerous J&K graduates of the school who have grown to become successful and prominent members of the society. Hilltop school uses an innovative and hybrid method of teaching combining the best techniques from the West and the East to ensure a world-class education that includes not only a great academic program but excellent personality development program as well. Hilltop  builds a meaningful relationship between teachers and students which serves as a foundation for exceptional learning.
Sundeep Arora, the Vice Principal of the school, an ex-Air Force officer and a native of Jammu , also addressed the audience and discussed the overall academic program,  which includes a special Cambridge English Assessment. He talked about the various activities designed to build the most important success skills in each child. With a robust academic curriculum, a competitive sports program and varied co-scholastic activities, the ideology of the school is to create an environment where students can grow mentally, physically, morally, spiritually and creatively.


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