Constructive debate must to make parl democracy solid: Prez

KOLKATA: Just days ahead of Budget session, President Pranab Mukherjee today said “concrete decisions” must be taken after constructive debate to make Parliamentary democracy “solid”, even as he expressed concern over “growing intolerance”.

            Asserting that “there is no place for intolerance in democracy”, he said a Parliamentary democracy is not “solid” enough if no “concrete decisions” are taken after constructive debate.

            He also said media can play an important role in ensuring Parliament runs constructively and peacefully.

            Speaking at the 35th anniversary of one of leading Bengali newspaper Aaajkaal, Mukherjee said, “What we are experiencing the trend is not proper. We are becoming intolerant day-by-day. There is no place for intolerance in democracy.”

            He said democracy follows the principle of tolerance and therefore one needs to respect different ideologies.

            “You have to respect other ideologies. Without different ideologies, real democracy is not possible,” he said.  (AGENCIES)