Congress and Hardik

We thought perhaps Congress had on its own taken some  efforts to emerge relevant in Gujarat but Hardik Patel of Patidar Reservation agitation leader says that my efforts alone put in some element of life in the weak Congress of 25 years.He says that he takes pride in having done that for Congress mainly to ” demolish ” the ego of a party which said that it would win 150 seats in Gujarat.
It therefore means that the Congress Party has to outsource the efforts to bring it on rails at least in Gujarat.
However, Hardik was equally silent about any reciprocal support received by his group from the Congress Party which proves beyond doubt that Congress relied heavily on the troika support of Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh. It also plainly means that a net gain of 20 seats of Congress was wholly due to their support.
What has Congress to say has not been reported.
Yours etc….
Vipul Mahajan
Shastri Nagar