Concern for border dwellers

Pakistan’s Kashmir proxy war has various dimensions. It is not only clandestine infiltration from the borders; it is certainly more than that. One aspect of proxy war is that Pakistani Rangers open unprovoked firing and shelling along the International Border in Samba and Jammu sectors and other places to distract the attention of the border security forces and in the process provide fire cover for the jihadi infiltrators to sneak into our side. This exercise is being done on the behest of Theo-fascist forces that have mushroomed in Pakistan and now become an adjunct of Pakistani Army which calls them frontline defence force against an invasion by India. Indian army gives befitting reply to shelling and firing. They have to do it in order to convince the enemy that our troops are prepared to meet any exigency.
India troops also respond by paying back in the same coin. The net result of cross firing and shelling is that hundreds of innocent and peace loving civilians get uprooted from their dwelling places, villages and localities. Thousands of them leave their homes and hearths to find security from firing and shelling. This is of great concern to the Government, both of the State and of the Union. India is not thinking of taking a big step of launching a massive attack on Pakistan to clip the wings of terrorists and jihadis functional on the soil of Pakistan. India believes that tense and antagonistic situation can be and should be resolved through talks. Whether talks will be held or not, and when or to what consequence is a different matter. The immediate and urgent matter is providing safety of life and property of the affected people or in other words the formulation of a comprehensive and long term policy that would ensure safety of life and the livestock of farmers and of deserted homes lest local mischief mongers capitalize on the situation to the advantage of the enemy. During her recent tour to Samba¬† the Chief Minister interacted with border people who recounted to her the long and arduous story of their experience under unprovoked Pakistani firing and shelling. It is good news that the Chief Minister told the affected populace that her Government as well as the Government in New Delhi is seized of the issue of border dwellers and that a comprehensive policy of Relief and Rehabilitation of all victims along the border line is under the consideration of the Government. Interacting with 70 delegations from border areas of Samba district and the town during day-long “Public Grievance Darbar’ held at the District Headquarters, the Chief Minister approved development related works to the tune of Rs 2.35 crores on spot on the demands raised by the people of the district. Interactions like these by the highest Government authority with the border dwellers who are constantly under the threat of getting killed by the firing of the enemy, is bound to instil confidence among them and boost their spirit of facing the challenges in which the army, security forces and the State Government is ready to extend all possible help to them. The policy of creating bunkers along the border with Pakistan is already in place and other facilities including some compensation for the loss of livestock and crops or damages to the residential structures is also under the consideration of the Government. We appreciate and welcome these commitments by the Chief Minister and hope that what is being promised will be provided within reasonable time.