Is Clean India a Utopia?

The Prime Minister was recently deliberating with a gathering of citizens in New Delhi on the occasion of completion of three years of Swachh Bharat campaign which he himself initiated. In a rare self assessment in public rally, the Prime Minister said that he was aware there were critics who mocked at the mission when he himself took up a broom as a symbolic gesture of cleaning India. The critics constructed many stories only to detract his very important mission.  He said that his critics mocked at the mission and passed unbecoming remarks as if Prime Minister had any personal aggrandizement in the long run. He asked whether providing sanitation facilities to the people in rural areas especially the women folk was something that should be laughed at and mocked.
Clean India is a campaign that has great significance. Modi has appealed the people of India or 125 crore of them to become partners in the mission and make the country clean. It cannot happen overnight as opposition would think. But an initiative has been taken and a day is not far away when its positive results will come forward. We appreciate the will power of Modi Government to initiate the mission and we have not an iota of doubt that it will succeed at the end of the day.