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Citi India launches voice biometrics authentication

NEW DELHI, Jan 10: Foreign lender Citi India today launched voice biometrics authentication that would replace the current practice of interactive voice response (IVR) for its customers.
The new technology allows clients to use their voiceprints for authentication rather than having to remember multiple PINs or respond to questions used for verifying their identities, Citi South Asia Head (Operations & Technology) Anand Chopra said.
The voice biometrics authentication capability uses voiceprint, similar to fingerprint, which is unique for each person.
The new authentication solution is fast, secure and convenient as verification is completed automatically within 15 seconds while clients speak to the (bank) official when they call CitiPhone Banking, the 24-hour hotline service.
Earlier, on an average, it took 45 seconds for a customer to verify his/her details.
“This technology will definitely add to customer convenience by saving around 30 seconds/per call, on verifying their identity. This will create opportunities for our Citiphone banking officers to engage with our customers in a holistic manner and provide more value-added services to them,” he said.
On an average, CitiPhone in India receives 12.5 million calls annually.
When clients call CitiPhone Banking, they can choose to enroll for this service by having their voice recorded to generate their unique voiceprint. Each voiceprint will be uniquely tagged and cannot be emulated or reused once stored.
“Voice biometrics authentication coupled with our already launched e-chat and virtual assistant feature, will transform the way we service the Citi customers in India. We anticipate a very high uptake for the use of voice biometrics authentication amongst our customers,” Chopra said.
Clients can enroll for the voice biometrics authentication by calling CitiPhone Banking. Upon clients’ agreement, a recording will be made of their voice while speaking with a CitiPhone officer.
The authentication system will analyze clients’ recording and create their unique voiceprint, which will be securely stored in the system.
Thereafter, whenever clients call CitiPhone Banking, the voice biometrics authentication system will use the voiceprint to match the client’s identity at the start of any call, so that clients can directly proceed to banking services.
The CitiPhone officer may ask additional security questions based on the nature of the transaction. (PTI)


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