Cindrella in Rape City !!

Dr Richa Sharma
Prabhujimein tori bintikaroon
PaiyanParoon bar bar
AgleJanamMoheBitiya Na Dije
NarakDijeChahe Dar…
(Oh, God, I beg of you, I touch your feet time and again, Next birth don’t give me a daughter, Give me Hell instead… )
Folk Song, Uttar Pradesh
Life of a girl child is no less than of a fighter who has to survive for her existence and survival. Especially in the third world and developing countries.
It all starts with a hope to have a bread earner and family support prospective parents expect.All hopes lie on the birth of a male child which get tarnished after the birth of a girl child.We live in a hi tech society.But still that discrimination is seen irrespective of how much educated the people are.Parents may extend full support to a girl child and she may be grown up like a boy but the momemt we have to face the society, there is evident discrimination.So mind sets of people cannot be changed howsoever developed we may be.Irrespective of caste, creed, colour,rank,education and status of afemale, there is a tendency for the males around her always to look down upon her. We may conduct big seminars, write fancy articles and make female oriented movies but still difference is always so evident but we are so used to it at subconscious level that we generally ignore ,accept it and move along and learn to live it.Even if you are employer buyt if you are a female,your male employees,subordinates and colleagues will never be that much cooperative or understanding or on terms as they will be with a male Boss.Why so- simple  because of the mental make up is like that.Purpose of this article is to present the various stages a girl has to go through the day she is born as to how she is considered as a burden both by the family and the society even if they havnt done anything in making her up except bringing her in world.So much hue and cry about save the girl child but where is the safety.Save the girl but what about the various traumas she may go through.It has been compared in some books that female is like a creeper who needs support of males at each stage of her life.
When she is born , she needs father as support.
In adolsence she needs brother as support and safety
In adult age she needs husband
And in oldage she needs son
Such is the status actually which is a reality which we all want to ignore.Why she needs protection , why there is a concern on getting late at night, whom she fears actually and why she fears.
So many questions arise in our mind daily.Answer is God has made her weak as compared to males physically at least.What scares her is the modesty she has to stake which definitely no human even males would like to lose.Cause is of course not some wild animal but some wild males in and around our society whom a female scared of actually.
This psychological mentality of males is actually responsible for  rising crime in world.
Newspaper is full of such shameful news which doubt such people even being humans.Situations are more worse in developing and third world countries but developed nations are no safe.Where is the end and how to check is the need of hour to make world a better place to live in.
Our this story will help solve such issues and throws light on how a girl of some small town struggles through her life to be an achiever against all odds.This is the story of rather every girl of a middle class family.
No doubt Government along with many NGOs are taking day in and out many initiatives to save and educate girl child.Still all starts with the psyche of the society which needs to be changed.I think for that we need only to educate our girls but we need to educate our sons also.We have to give them lessons of the deep roots and the rich culture we Indians have and how much respect we had for females in our nation.
Female is Jagat Janani- so how can a life generator itself not safe.So all starts and ends with awareness suppoted with government policies with implementation-
1. Beti Bachao, BetiPadhao ( Save girl child, educate girl child) is a Government of India scheme that aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services meant for women.
TheBetiBachao, BetiPadhao Scheme was introduced in October, 2014 to address the issue of declining child sex ratio (CSR). This is implemented through a national campaign and focused multi-sector action in 100 selected districts with low CSR, covering all States and UTs. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the programme on 22 January 2015 from Panipat, Haryana.
In August 2016, Olympics 2016 bronze medalistSakshi Malik was made brand ambassador of the ‘BetiBachao, BetiPadhao’ initiative in Haryana.
2. PCPNDT Act-
In view of rise in Female foeticide in India, PCPNDT act came into picture
Sex-selective abortion or female foeticide has led to a sharp drop in the ratio of girls born in contrast to boy infants in some states in India. Ultrasound technology has made it possible for pregnant women and their families to learn the gender of a foetus early in a pregnancy. Discrimination against girl infants, for several reasons, has combined with the technology to result in a rise in abortions of foetuses identified as female during ultrasonic testing.
3. Female oriented films- like Dangal,Mary Com
Such kind of movies are not only making people aware as how to encourage and support females but also helping to decrease discrimination
4. Legendary female politicians- Many with endless list like Mrs Indra Gandhi, Ms Jayalalitha and many more
5. Strict Dowry Laws- are the need of hour .
The dowry system in India is often blamed; the expectation that a large dowry must be provided for daughters in order for them to marry is frequently cited as a major cause for the problem. Pressure for parents to provide large dowries for their daughters is most intense in prosperous states where high standards of living, and modern consumerism, are more prevalent in Indian society.
In short things can be changed only if the system is made alive again and all guilty should be punished there and then only women will feel safe.