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China politicizes terror

Where there is will there is way. That is the old saying and it is very true. But it is also true that where there is no will there is no way. This reverse definition suits the attitude of China towards terrorism. No other country has demonstrated so blatantly the dichotomy in state policy towards terrorism as China has demonstrated in the case of Masud Azhar, the chief of Pakistani terrorist organization named Jaish-e-Mohammad. India gave very convincing proof to Pakistan and the US of involvement of this terrorist outfit in Pathankot attack. The US, UK and France are convinced that JeM had planned and executed the Pathankot attack. On the basis of the telling evidence India brought the case to the Security Council demanding that Masud is designated by the UN as a terrorist. His organization already stands banned.
For the third time China, a member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has blocked the proposal initiated by the UNSC and two more members of the SC of designating Masud a terrorist. China knows what terrorism is. She is facing terrorism in her western province of Xinjiang where the Uighur separatists are demanding an independent Eastern Turkistan State. China alleges that Uighur separatists are terrorists and have been receiving training in Pakistan terrorist camps besides other places. China has warned Pakistan more than once on allowing Pakistan-based terrorist organizations like JeM patronizing Uighur terrorists and the movement for the independent Eastern Turkestan.  China has ruthlessly suppressed the Eastern Turkistan movement and crushed their strongholds in Kashghar and Urumchi. China has brought about massive demographic change in the region and by settling Han ethnic population in the region which reduced the majority of the Sunni Uighurs. China has disallowed Uighurs observe the month of fasting called Ramadhan and offering prayers during  office and work hours. China has sealed a number of mosques in Xinjiang and a number of restrictions have been imposed on Uighurs. The Chinese police and army keep a strict watch on the movement of Uighurs in their region and around. In comparison to all this, India has given full freedom and rights under constitution to the people of India of any faith because India is not a theocracy and religion based state. It is a democratic state. India does not behave in an arbitrary manner with dissidents as China does being a hegemonic state.
China’s purpose in blocking India’s step against terrorism is contrary to various resolutions of the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council in which protection of human rights of people and their right to freedom of faith and expression are invoked. China is pursuing her political objectives of patronizing Pakistani terror and indirectly keeping India under pressure of terrorist activities of outfits like JeM. China has absolutely no concern for contributing to a world without terrorist fear. China is interested that India and Pakistan should continue their bitter rivalry and animosity as it helps her in making Islamabad feel more and more dependent on protection provided by her. The two countries have entered into unholy alliance of sorts and China has undertaken to build the prestigious rail connection between Kashghar in Eastern Turkistan and Gawadar port on the Makran post all along the Karakorum Highway also built by China more for military than for commercial purposes.
By blocking the passage of the resolution at the SC, China has taken the risk of giving offence to the three countries that have sponsored the resolution. If there is consensus among the members of the SC that China is deliberately obstructing passage of resolution and majority of members are on the side of the US and India, then matters become much more grave for Pakistan. Pakistan raises loud noise on world platforms that she is a victim of terrorism but at the same time she is supportive of known terrorists in a neighbouring country. This is a classical example of Chinese insincerity of conviction that terrorism is the root cause. India has taken serious note of the attitude of China and has talked to her ambassador in New Delhi. The Indian ambassador in Beijing will also meet his Chinese counterpart and open the matter with him. It should be possible for India to lobby hard at the SC and manage a majority or consensus decision about the application of India for designating Masud.


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  • Rajat Deshpande

    China is a hypocrite nation. It encourages north korea against the US, south korea and Japan. Its nuclear proliferation to Pakistan and North Korea is an open secret. It is time we recognise the menace that is China to the world. Pakistan in turn proliferates to many countries throughout the world. Same with terrorism, it encourages and protects pakistani terrorists to keep India engaged and to prevent its development. It is time to take stern action against chinese hegemony and criminal behaviour

  • rav

    Very good article.