China names acting mayor for city of Tianjin after bribery scandal

BEIJING, Jan 2:   China has named an acting mayor for northern city of Tianjin, state media said on Tuesday, months after the mayor was jailed for corruption.

The port city of Tianjin, close to Beijing, has ambitions to become a financial hub for northern China and is one of four areas designated a municipality, along with Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, giving it the same high status as a province.

Zhang Guoqing, the former mayor of Chongqing, was appointed acting mayor and deputy mayor of Tianjin, the People’s Daily newspaper said.

A Chinese court in September jailed the former Tianjin mayor, Huang Xingguo, for 12 years for accepting bribes.

The former deputy mayor of Tianjin, Yan Qingmin, has been appointed as vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.