Chaman expresses full confidence in Centre’s Special Representative on Kashmir

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 7: Exuding confidence in Centre’s Special Representative, Dineshwar Sharma, former Union Minster, Prof Chaman Lal Gupta today said that he is hopeful that former I B Director will be able to liberate common Kashmiri from the Calendar Raj of separatists and radical forces.
In a statement issued here today Prof Gupta said that as being a former Director of Inteligence Bureau, Dineshwar Sharma is understood to be aware of the problems affecting the polity and the life of this State. There are various aspects of the malady. But main is the emergence of theocratic State of Pakistan in the neighbourhood staking  claim on Kashmir because of religious faith.  But J&K is core of India because of its being a multi-religious country. Moreover, the ruler of this State Maharaja Hari Singh had opted for secular India by using his legal authority. His decision was backed by the Constituent Assembly framed by the NC led dispensation.
He said the slogan of Azadi and Autonomy are a myth. In separation the J&K cannot survive for a single day. The invasion of tribesman in 1947, is a witness to it. The revenue of the State from its internal resources is round about fifteen thousand crores whereas the pay bill of the State staff is nearing thirty thousand crores. The State has virtually come to be a consumer State. Even the imports of food grains have gone up to about ten lakh tonnes from 40 thousand tonnes in 1950. In the situation the talk of Azadi or even that of Autonomy sounds a joke. In fact some elements are trying to blackmail the country by raising such unrealistic slogans.
Prof. Gupta said that as far as statements for restoration of what is called Autonomy is concerned , It is an  issue which is linked with the vote bank politics as when in power the coteries  of Autonomy were never serious as during 1996 to 2002 and later on during Congress-NC rule till 2014, they were themselves in authority and they did not bother much what is being harped when out of authority.
He recalled that highest number of ultras were killed during Farooq led NC rule between 1996-2002. And the CM Farooq used to say “ Latoon Kay Bhoot Baton Se Nahin Mante.”  But out of power the same Farooq eulogized the operators of terror and stone pelters as freedom fighters of the “Kashmiri nation.”. This well indicated that how difficult is to understand such elements but  Sharma would do well if he could find out way and means to get liberated the peace loving commoner in Kashmir who are being treated as hostages to go by the dictates of the Calender Raj of the operators of the violence.