Ceasefire violations

We have reports that BSF responded to Pakistani firing and shelling befittingly. We have dependable reports that the trained and well equipped jihadis of Pakistani terrorist group called Lashkar-e-Toiba have mixed with Pakistani regular army and are carrying firing and shelling of Indian targets across International Border. The trained and fully armed jihadis have become integral part of Pakistan Army which has been saying openly that jihadis are the first line of defence against India. This is the same terrorist organization which has been designated by the State Department of the US. LeT and JeM both are under direct patronage of Pakistan Army specifically raised and motivated to infiltrate into Kashmir and fight the Indian security forces inside the valley.
The purpose of intensive firing and shelling by the Rangers along IB is to provide cover to the infiltrating jihadis as has been the practice with Pakistan so far.  It has become unavoidable for Pakistan Army to push the jihadis inside Indian territory whether in Jammu or in Kashmir border sector because the rising crescendo of these terrorists are posing serious threat to the integrity of Pakistan. Jihadis in Pakistan and their organizations are gradually becoming unwanted elements in Pakistan. The only barrier between Pakistani civil society and the jihadis is the slogan of Kashmir. Under these circumstances it is obligatory on Pakistan Army to deploy them along Kashmir and keep them busy with Kashmir jihad as they have been vehemently indoctrinated and brain washed with anti India propaganda. In recent weeks and months Pakistan has received bashing at various fora from international community. President Trump minced no words that Pakistan has to stop giving safe haven to Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist who are fighting Americans and the NATO forces in Afghanistan. A Pakistani Minister recently visited Washington in a bid to straighten the record at the White House. Incidentally the Pentagon that is considered a traditional supporter of Pakistan, too, has expressed its displeasure on Pakistan giving safe haven to Afghan Taliban. Moreover, the declaration of BRICS meet in Xian in China in the first week of September is the hardest blow to Pakistan patronizing terrorists on her soil. Although Islamabad tried to repudiate the assertions of BRICS by saying that BRICS has no agenda of dealing with security matters and should have confined to financial matters only. It is true that financial concerns are foremost on BRICS agenda but international peace and regional stability are the ultimate objectives of BRICS and these objectives cannot be achieved unless there is peace. It, therefore, follows that peace precedes development and other interests. That justifies the verdict of the BRICS on Pakistan-based terrorism.
We appreciate that Indian leadership has given proof of patience and steadfastness against many instances of provocation, and has not lost her cool. Shelling and firing on our border is more an act of desperation rather than testing our patience. We salute our civilian population of Arnia and its adjoining villages also for maintaining cool in the face of grave danger. That is what brave and patriotic people will do. However, that notwithstanding, it is important that more bunkers are made all along the vulnerable spots of IB and LoC so that we have not to suffer loss of precious lives. Having only 60 bunkers is too small a number. Moreover, the border people have suggested that community bunkers are not easy to be reached when firing is going on. May be the Home Ministry may think of having  a mix of family as well as community bunkers along vulnerable sites to boost the morale of our civilians.
In final analysis, we have to get used to unusually dangerous situation along the border with Pakistan because Pakistan is under serious threat of jihadis. It is not easy for Pakistan civilian Government to motivate the Army to disassociate with the jihadis and their organizations.  American pressure on Pakistan could lead to Pakistan opening more fronts and making them active to divert the attention of her people by raising the bogey of Kashmir.