Can eyes “see” an eye Bank?

Believe it that after spending lakhs of Rupees and anxiously waiting for years, the proposed Eye Bank in Jammu is unlikely to be eyed in the immediate future.  The Medical Education and Health Department is keeping it a closely “guarded secret” as to when it shall be completed to function. On a serious note, however, a lackadaisical approach adopted by the concerned authorities in the matter and the project concerning health of the people in respect of eye ailments has resulted in extreme hardships to patients who are constrained to move out of the State for getting eye treatment. Not only does that involve difficulties, but expending of avoidable time and moneytoo.
It is not that work has not been going on towards this project of much importance but with fits and starts and at a snail’s pace. Infrastructure is reported to be erected and appointment of the required staff too is done but the equipments etc are not arranged for the bank so far by Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation.
Passing the buck , resorting to the cover of alibis and accepting delays and postponements as fait  accompli and routine, has and shall continue to retard the progress even in matters of health related projects like the one under reference. When there is an Eye Bank already functioning in GMC Srinagar, why there should  not be a one in Jammu is a moot question which should concern the authorities. We urge the authorities concerned to get their eyes in the early functioning of the Eye Bank.