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CAG findings

Months ago, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India had detected multi-crore scam during the audit of accounts of nine Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs), who were among 68 DDOs having received Rs 115.68 crore from the Police Headquarters meant for transportation of constabulary during Parliamentary and Assembly elections of 2014. Interestingly, police officers who are alleged to have been the shareholders in the huge spoils are enjoying plum postings and have never been brought to book. This is because they are influential and can get things done as they like.
Huge amount to the tune of 115 crore rupee was provided by the Home Ministry to meet the transportation expenditures of the constabulary while deployed at different places, polling booths and catering to security duties etc. The CAG has found that fictitious numbers of taxis were given while submitting receipts of payments made to taxi drivers at different places and different times. Most of the entries are fictitious and are not supported by ground reality. Fictitious numbers of taxis, fictitious receipts of money and fictitious entries have been made in books. This all leads to misappropriation of funds worth crores of rupees. It appears that those who were involved in this scam are not only the officials of lower rung but of senior positions also. So far no inquiry has been conducted into this scam.
The police are the custodians of law. But if they violate the law, the State is doomed. We would not easily believe that our police would violate the law of the land. But considering the weaknesses of human nature, the best way out would be to order an inquiry into the alleged case of scam so that we have a clear picture whether the funds were misappropriated or not. Before sitting on judgment on the character of our police force, an impartial inquiry into the misappropriation case should be ordered and things brought to their logical conclusion.


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