Cabinet reshuffle

This has reference to the article ‘J&K Cabinet reshuffle to what purpose’ DE May 15, 2018.
On the face of it, it seems that the reshuffle in BJP-PDP Coalition Government will serve no purpose as the public image of the two parties has taken a severe beating during the last three years. This was eitther due to non performance of the ministers or the number of unpleasant incidents that surfaced in both the regions  during this time.
However, all has not  lost yet. The Coalition after Cabinet rejig can salvage its image by dedicating itself to the cause of public welfare in all the three regions of the State. The schemes -State or Central launched for public need to implemented whole heartedly.
Law and order situation be improved considerably. The trust lost between Government machinery and public be restored. Employment opportunities need to created and  posts advertised for various vacancies be filled at the earliest. The healthcare  system be improved both in urban and  and rural areas. Power and Education sectors  be further strengthened. If these welfare measures are taken without further delay, things will improve for the coalition partners. It may be expected then that these coalition parties can face the electorate once again whenever elections are held.
Yours etc…
Rahul  Rasgotra