Brooklyn fits in with the New York lifestyle: James McVey

LONDON, Jan 2:  The Vamps guitarist James McVey says his friend Brooklyn Beckham has settled in well in New York.
The 23-year-old artiste said he is in touch with the aspiring photographer, who relocated from the UK for higher studies last September, and believes he is doing great, FemaleFirst reported.
“I spoke to him the other week actually I shaved my head after seeing him do the same thing. He inspired that and I went through a stage of us going to the gym quite a bit and since he moved to New York I’ve not seen him.
“We celebrated his 18th and I haven’t seen him since then. It’s a shame that he is the other side of the world. I am sure we will bump into each other again soon. I do keep in contact. I think it’s great. His photography and the skateboarding, he really fits in with that New York lifestyle,” McVey said.
Beckham appeared in The Vamps’ “Wake up” video in 2015. (PTI)