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Brahma Kumaris organize Shiv Jayanti Mahautsav

Brahma Kumaris organize Shiv Jayanti Mahautsav

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 15:  Trimurti Shiv Jayanti Mahautsav was organized today ahead of Mahashivratri celebrations by Brahma Kumaris’ Rajayoga Meditation Center, Trikuta Nagar here today.
The religious programme was commenced with the lighting of candle and it concluded with the  hoisting of Shiv  Dhawaj by the chief guest.  Former minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla was the chief guest on the occasion.  The function was  presided over by  Didi Sudarshan and  Didi Naina Devi.
While speaking on the occasion, they both threw light on the fact  how  we can attain peace and happiness by creating positive thoughts in our mind and purify the inner soul.  They told that peace and happiness can be activated through the Rajyoga meditation.
They further drew attention towards inculcating spirituality in life which is the sole remedy for removing all psychological disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. “To bring peace in the world, we have to adopt universal brotherhood and one God and one family concept,” they maintained.
While speaking on the occasion, Raman Bhalla said that God does not create the elements and constituents of nature,  nor does he create human souls.  “Matter, souls and God are neither created nor destroyed; they are eternal and imperishable”,  he added.
Bhalla further said, “Eevery human being longs for happiness and continues to work towards attaining peace and happiness. The endeavour remains unfulfilled and the search continues. Our thoughts determine the nature of energy around us. We become what we think. If we think ill for others, we too receive the same and similarly, if we intend good for others, we will also be happy. This campaign is an attempt to make people experience peace in daily life,” Bhalla added.
VK Ravinder  spoke on the  significance of three lines marked on the `Shivalingam’ known as Tripundi, which symbolize the three fold characteristics of the Trimurti or the Lord of three subtle deities.
VK Ravi Bakshi also  threw light on the fact how we can get peace and happiness by creating positive thoughts in our inner soul. He said peace and happiness can be activated through meditation.
The programme concluded with hoisting of Shiv Dhawaj, followed by offering of Parsad to the devotees at the Centre .


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