BJP sold mandate of Jammu people for power: Harsh

Excelsior Correspondent

UDHAMPUR,  Nov 9:  Accusing the BJP of mortgaging the very self esteem of the people of Jammu region for the lust of  power, NPP chairman and former minister  Harsh Dev Singh  today made a forceful appeal to the Jammuites to oppose, expose and depose the Saffron juggernaut for its sheer opportunism.
He said that BJP which got overwhelming mandate from Jammu region on the slogan of demolishing the father-daughter Party (Baap-Beti Sarkar) fell flat before the PDP immediately after winning 25 seats from Jammu region and had literally begged before it to accept it as its junior partner.
Addressing a large public gathering in Majalta today  Singh said that  even after the formation of  the Govt  it made one compromise after the other so that its leaders could continue to enjoy ministerial berths and reap the fruits of power.  He  said that around 30 months rule of BJP was a sordid tale of failures and betrayals with none of its elected representatives raking up the promised issues of Jammu region. While the PDP continues to dictate terms on almost all issues, the BJP leaders remain content with the lollypops of ministries and two flags flying atop their official luxury cars.
He said that PDP had further initiated action on its election promises with the appointment of interlocutor to talk to various sections of society in terms of “Agenda of Alliance” which too had nothing to offer for Jammu. He regretted that BJP leaders were still describing the Agenda of Alliance as sacred and visionary despite it showing total disregard for the concerns of Jammu region.
Accusing BJP of having sold its every single slogan and its fundamentals for power,  Harsh Dev said that the Saffron Party had proved that lust knew no bars, no red lines. He said that BJP which, prior to elections, groaned on trivial issues and would nail anyone and everyone for not doing enough for Jammu had given the severest blow to Jammu’s honour by disdainfully ignoring its aspirations and grievously wounding its collective sentiment.
On local  issues, NPP  leader regretted the total neglect of the constituency with not even a single new work taken up for execution during the around three years. Dharam Singh Bittu, Rajesh Sharma, Basharat Ali, Pritam Sharma, Sukhjit, Sugar Din, Raghubir Singh, Sunil Sumbriya and  Jitendra Singh also spoke on the occasion.