BJP-PDP Govt’s 3 yrs rule tale of failures: Bhalla

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 31: Accusing BJP of having sold its every single slogan and its fundamentals for power, former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today said it had proved that lust knew no bars, no red lines.
Accusing the BJP of bartering away the pride and honor of people of Jammu region to satisfy its lust for power, he appealed Jammuites to oppose, expose and depose the BJP’s Juggernaut for its demagoguery and sheer opportunism.
Addressing public meeting at Bhour Kullian, Narwal Bala in Gandhi Nagar constituency on Sunday Bhalla regretted that BJP leaders were still describing the Agenda of Alliance as sacred and visionary despite it showing total disregard for the concerns of Jammu region. He deplored that not a single slogan or election promise of BJP had been incorporated in the said Agenda.
Bhalla said BJP miserably failed to rake up any of its issues or at least initiate any discussion in respect of them thus meekly and pusillanimously surrendering to the whims of its highly powerful and dominant partner. Regretting the lame duck posturing of the BJP legislators virtually on all issues, Bhalla said that the people of Jammu region feel utterly cheated and betrayed for the failure of its legislators to represent and agitate their concerns.
Making a mention of the tall announcements made by the BJP during elections regarding empowerment of Jammu, delimitation of Assembly constituencies, end of discrimination against Jammu region and ensuring it equitable treatment, issuance of Dogra Certificate to Jammu youth, grant of State Subject rights to West Pak refuges, abolition of Custodian Department and conferment of ownership rights to its occupants, right to vote in Assembly elections and local bodies to WPRs, reservation of 5 seats for PoJK migrants, 33 per cent reservation for women in Assembly, he regretted that all the said slogans fell flat with hardly any initiative taken by BJP.