Benami properties

After the daring and bold step of Demonetisation by Modi Government, it was guessed that attack on Benami properties would be the next move of the government.
Two days back while addressing an election rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  hinted at a crackdown on Benami properties and that the move could go a long way in eradicating  corruption. It is not a hidden fact that most of those who have had earned money through illegal sources had invested it in properties in the names of assumed or far flung relations or in own in different forms.The properties needed to be linked with Aadhar card and one single registration post sale purchase executed legally or any other method by which one could not hold properties in violation of the laws of the land.
To bring probity and honesty  in the bureaucracy and in the political process, it was imperative to attack and seize Benami properties. We wish the Government success  in such efforts to fight corruption.
Yours etc…..
Amit Mahajan