Ben Affleck praises ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s cooking skills

LONDON, Jan 14:  Oscar-winner Ben Affleck says his estranged wife Jennifer Garner is the “best cook” he knows.
The 44-year-old actor, who was married to Garner for 10 years before the pair split in 2015, said his former wife is a dab hand in the kitchen, whereas he is best at cleaning stuff, reported Femalefirst.
“Jen is a really great cook. She’s probably the best cook I know. We had roast chicken this year (for Christmas), it was really, really good.
“Other than that, we do pizza nights, where a guy comes and makes pizza and nobody has to cook. All the cleaning (is left to Ben),” Affleck said.
Though the actor’s family comes first for him, Affleck says his professional career is equally important.
“I feel better about my life every day. My kids get older. My life is very rich and full of wonderful things. I’ve been very lucky, career-wise.
“My professional success is really important to me, and my career is really important to me. It’s the most important thing to me outside of my family. I take it very seriously and work really, really hard at it. Family comes first, but this is something that’s really important to me too.” (PTI)