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Bad governance

The Prime Minister has taken several measures to deliver good governance and one of them is his ambitious “Digital India” program. Digital India launched by the Government of India is to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically. The initiative includes plans to connect citizens of the Country with high-speed internet networks to seek information and transact businesses. But both the good governance and digital India has remained simple catchy words for common public usage.
To seek information, Central Government as well as State Governments, enacted RTI (Right to Information Act).  Website was to connect all the administrative departments closer to the people of India. It was made mandatory for all the Governing departments to create websites and a particular page assigned to RTI with all the relevant and updated information. Since under the imprint of good governance, I wanted to seek information of displaced persons from Kashmir, browsed website of Jammu & Kashmir, Relief Organization. Cruised pages to get the information but to my dismay, the website designed & developed by NIC, J&K, seems to be neglected for updating it. Visiting RTI page, to my utter dismay I found those names in the directory of its officers and employees, either transferred or retired. Similarly details of expenditure is up to ending December 2008.
Migrant details are up to November 2009. Under the title of ‘New’ expenditure under SRE (Security Related Expenditure is up to April 2014. I could not find in any of the pages, the amount allotted for expenditure. Jagti Town is almost every day in the news, but under ‘Shelter’, there is no mention of Jagti TRTs. The page carries erstwhile accommodation of one room tenements at Muthi I, Muthi II, Mishriwalla, Purkhoo, Nagrota, Battal Ballian Udhampur       and other (Govt. Buildings, Unfinished Govt. Buildings, Temples etc).  Similarly, there is no information of the employees who were appointed and how many of them joined in the Valley and how many left or terminated till date etc.
Hence there is no change to make a difference. We are nowhere making people friendly organization to look towards governance as the cause or solution of problems.
Yours etc….
Vijay Kashkari, Jammu


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