Attack on BSF camp

Three jihadis dressed in army uniform and armed to the hilt cut the mesh wire expanded around the BSF’s 182 battalion headquarters close to the airport. After entering the camp at about 4 AM in the darkness of the wee hours, they sprayed bullets wounding three BSF jawans. A BSF Assistant Sub-Inspector unfortunately was fatally wounded and killed in the firing. The BSF jawans eliminated the remaining two jihadis after one of them had been shot dead already. We can say that a major damage has been averted.  As the site of attack is located the headquarter of 182 Battalion of BSF and family quarters not for off, the situation could have turned highly complicated and replete with dangerous consequences. In that sense the BSF jawans have done a wonderful job and thwarted a major tragedy. Jaish-e-Muhammad, the terrorist organization designated by the United Nations has claimed responsibility. This is the very terrorist organization against whose top leader Azhar some member countries of the Security Council including the US and UK and supported by India, a resolution had been tabled to declare him an international terrorist but China vetoed it twice and has threatened that she will use it again pretending that some technicalities were involved. Actually, it is power politics and has little to do with technicalities because earlier other organizations and their leaders in Pakistan have also been designated. It will be reminded that some years back when China came to know that the Sunni Uighur fundamentalists of Xinxiang Province were receiving training in terrorism in the camps of Jaish-e- Muhammad in Pakistan, it established rapport with the chief of the organization and his commanders and a truce of sorts was established. Now, China wants to repay the obligation through veto at the SC.
This is a different story. But turning back to the attack of Jaish-e Muhammad jihadis on BSF battalion headquarter, some hard but realistic facts have to be inferred. Let us admit that the externally sponsored jihadism has entrenched itself in the wider and spread out sections of Kashmir valley civilian population. The Over Ground Workers (OGWs) appear to have been thoroughly radicalized and militarized and they have established a very strong, well coordinated and meticulously planned operational strategies in close consultations with the gun wielding and underground jihadis. The hindsight of militancy in three districts of Anantnag and also Baramulla clearly reveals the fact that the armed jihadis are provided with safe haven, guidance, logistic support, equipment, road map instructions and a protective shield so that jihadis are not detected either during their travel. Unless nearby villagers provide them the logistic support jihadis cannot undertake the mission as they do. The road they chose to reach the site, the mode of travel, the site they chose to cut the mesh wire and enter the camp all this could not be done without prior reconnaissance.  And who were the persons who guided them? We must expose those elements, who are providing overt and covert support to militants in Kashmir.