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ATM dispenses Rs 2,000 notes with ‘Children Bank Of India’ written on them

NEW DELHI, Feb 22: A man who had gone to withdraw money at an ATM in Sangam Vihar here allegedly ended up getting four notes of Rs 2,000 with “Children Bank Of India” written on them, police said today.
Rohit Kumar, who works as a customer care executive at a call centre in Chhatarpur, had gone to withdraw cash from the State Bank of India (SBI) ATM in Sangam Vihar on February 6. He got four notes of Rs 2,000 which had “Churan label” written on them in place of the official watermark.
Meanwhile, SBI issued a statement saying that they have a robust system in place for monitoring the quality of notes, adding that the investigation in the matter is underway.
Police said all the notes were found as “children playing notes”, which are available at toy shops.
A case under sections 406 (Punishment for criminal breach of trust), 409 (Criminal breach of trust by public servant, or by banker, merchant or agent) and 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) of IPC was registered at Sangam Vihar police station, they said.
Mohammed Isha, custodian of the Brinks India Pvt Ltd, who works for the SBI ATM has been zeroed in and his liability has been fixed by the bank as he was the custodian at the time of the incident, said a senior police officer.
Although Isha has denied his involvement in the incident, he is being questioned, police said.
The notes also had “PK” written on them in place of the RBI stamp and the top left corner had “Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank” written instead of Reserve Bank of India.
Kumar told police that he had Rs 8,425.85 in his account and wanted to withdraw Rs 8,000, but the notes dispensed by the ATM bore the words, “I give 2,000 coupons to the holder.”
He also brought the matter to the notice of a security guard posted at the ATM and later approached the police.
A Sub-Inspector was sent to the ATM to withdraw money. He also received a note that had “Children Bank Of India” written on it. The official also questioned others who were present near the ATM, but they expressed ignorance about the fact that the ATM was dispensing such kind of notes.
“Till now, there have been no other complaints. Probably, only a few notes were changed. We have to identify at which point the real notes were exchanged,” the officer added.
Meanwhile, the State Bank of India said they have shared all details with the police.
“This ATM has reportedly been sealed by Delhi Police for further investigation. The DVSS footage obtained from the ATM has been handed over to the police. Meanwhile, the bank is examining the notes in all other ATMs handled by the same custodians and replenishment agency,” an SBI spokesperson said.
The spokesperson maintained that the possibility of fake notes from the bank’s ATMs was very remote and they suspect the involvement of some miscreants with mischievous intent.
“All notes received by the bank and to be dispensed by it, either through its ATMs or its branches, are processed through the latest state-of-the-art ‘Note Sorting Machines.’
“These machines are equipped with the templates of all legal tender in the country and any note not conforming to the security features is separated as ‘Suspect Note’ for further manual scrutiny. Thus, no fake note is likely to be dispensed through the bank’s ATMs at any time,” he added. (PTI)


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