Article 370

This is with reference to news item ‘Art.370 Commitment made to J&K.(DE 5 Nov). The CM asserts that Art.370 is the nation’s commitment to the people of J & K when the Muslim majority State voluntarily acceded to an egalitarian society of the country seventy years ago. PDP thinks that challenging Article 370 is undemocratic.
The CM has presented her views in mellowed words. This discourse has to be in the context of national security, stability, and integrity. Recently, some people including the main opposition party of the State claimed the right of self-determination and even secession citing these temporary constitutional providers as the ground. My surmise is that as a matter of expediency strategies could be chalked out through broad consultations. This case has strong legal and constitutional dimension and perhaps the Apex Court would be the proper place to consider.
As a matter of principle, the people of our State enjoy partnership in the egalitarian society without discrimination. The Constitution has granted special status to our State but it is our State that must clarify where her interest is safe and secure. The State is a component of the Union. As a state with a majority of a community that is a minority on a national level, it has to understand its responsibilities as a component of the Union. The Muslim majority of the valley cannot jeopardize the interests of the vast Muslim minority of India by trying to stretch special status to wrong ends. In 1947 the then most popular leader of the valley, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and the people of the State had no other alternative but to acceding accession to the Indian Union. There is no third option.
The tolerant Hindu majority extended the people of the State a helping hand against the forces that wanted to enslave them and destroy their long struggle against autocratic rulers.
Yours etc….
H.N Kakroo