Army paper leak

Leak of question paper for examination for selection of candidates to fill lower posts in the army is perhaps the first ever scam of its kind in the army. Army conducted nationwide examination for selection of candidates to be recruited in lower services like clerks and others. The leak was detected in some examination centers in Maharashtra especially in Thane. The police have conducted raids on some coaching centers and seized suspicious material that confirms the leak.
While the police are investigating the leak and army has instituted a probe at its level, this is a very sad incident and reflects the degenerating values among our youth. Involvement of some army functionaries cannot be ruled out and the grapevine has that a question paper was provided against the payment of about two lakh rupees. This is a highly condemnable act and those found guilty of committing it should be given exemplary punishment failing which it will become a practice in the army.
Common sense says that unless there is someone from inside involved in this scam, it could not have succeeded. If our institutions begin to collapse, there will be no halt to our moral downslide. The sanctity of an established institution cannot be pulled down like that. Whosoever is found to be at the root of this conspiracy should be apprehended    immediately and brought to book. We understand that 18 people have been questioned so far in this connection but the entire network needs to be exposed.
While strongly recommending that the system of security of question papers has to be improved and streamlined, it is also necessary that new methods of setting question papers, ensuring their security and safety and also conduct of examination are to be found. Electronic system of setting question papers, securing them from tampering and misuse has to be explored.