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Anna Kendrick doesn’t ‘want to hear’ actors talk about sexism

LONDON, Jan 5:  Actress Anna Kendrick says she doesn’t “want to hear” actors talking about sexism, because she thinks their “position of privilege” affects their views.

The 31-year-old actress has opened up about her thoughts on the issue of sexism in Hollywood, saying she doesn’t believe actors should talk about their experiences because they’re “in such positions of privilege”, and she would rather hear about sexism “in other fields” and jobs, reported Femalefirst.

When asked about the issue of sexism in Hollywood, the “Pitch Perfect” star said, “It shouldn’t be the most important conversation about sexism – because no one really wants to hear actors talk about this, because we’re in such positions of privilege.

“I would love to hear more about sexism that exists in other fields and how we can address that – but we keep getting asked about it.” (PTI)


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