AJCSF expresses concern over illegal immigrants in Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 31: A meeting of the core committee of All Jammu Civil Society Forum was held here today for expressing concern over influx of illegal immigrants in Jammu and prevailing non- governance in the State as well as discrimination with Jammu region.
Referring to the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s statement in the LA about Article 370, the convener, Th Gulchain Singh Charak said that as per CM those trying to ‘legally’ temper with Article 370 are anti-nationals but what about those who are diluting it illegally by settling foreign national in the State. “The Government is ignoring the concerns of Jammu region. They succumb to separatists’ pressure and deny safe transit accommodation for KPs and colony to J&K ex-servicemen in Valley but are supporting settlement of thousands of foreigners from Bangladesh and Rhongiyas from Mynmar at prime locations in the State in and around Jammu,” he said and asked the Government to either apply Article 370 uniformly in the whole State or abrogate it.
The committee also challenged the bogie of “plebiscite” being raised by Pakistan and its stooges time and again. The convener, declared that people are ready for the plebiscite, once the precondition of restoration of pre-1947 status of PoJK is reestablished by Pakistan He further suggested that it is time that we held an ‘opinion poll’ of all the political parties active in J&K and seek their views to ask who all want to join Pakistan among those whose “heart bleeds for Pakistan”? There are only two choices under UN resolution; to remain Indians or join Pakistan.
The core committee felt concerned about the conspiracies’ being hatched to divide and disturb the peaceful life of Jammu and Ladakh regions.
The committee was informed by the general secretary Suri, that some members of civil society and traders from Kashmir division were expected to visit Jammu soon to coordinate projection of matters of common interest for lasting peace and prosperity of the whole State.
Th. Gulchain Singh Charak called upon civil societies from all three regions to get together and work for a common cause for the betterment of all our people in the State.