Ageism a bigger problem than sexism in TV, film:Elaine Cassidy

LONDON, Jan 5:  “No Offence” is led by three strong female leads – part of what its star Elaine Cassidy calls “a positive response” to inequality in TV and film.

But the actress said that writers now need to turn their attentions to crafting great parts for older stars – ensuring equality in age as well as gender, reported Digital Spy.

“Everyone’s going on about (equality for) women, and I feel that’s been heard and there’s been a response to that – a positive one,” she said.

“It’s happening in diversity of cultures (too), but it also needs to happen with age as well.”

Cassidy added that, from her experience, a lack of strong parts for women has “not been a problem in the last few years”.

“My last three jobs – including ‘No Offence’ and the one I’m currently doing – there’s more women than men. The play I did last year, there were seven women and four men – and that was written 30 years ago.

“From what I’ve experienced, that’s not been a problem in the last few years. Everyone’s making a fuss about it at the moment and I’m wondering if some of it’s because they think they need to make a fuss about it.” (PTI)