Advocates for political empowerment of Jammu

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 2: Echoing strong voice and total unanimity for “political empowerment of Jammu”, advocates of State High Court, Jammu exhorted the people of Jammu region especially the intelligensia to rise on the occasion cutting across party or religious lines in the larger interest and future existence of the region to make it politically empower and more vibrant.
During an interactive session of advocates for “political empowerment of Jammu”, presided over by senior Advocate D.K Khajuria, and convened by Rajinder Jamwal Advocate, held today in the premises of J&K High Court Jammu, all advocates expressed total unanimity and also their desire to work for achieving the cherished goal, so as to get rid of Kashmiri domination and making Jammu self reliant, vibrant, more effective and dignified.
The advocates lashed at all political parties for their exploitative and emotional politics which has prejudiced the cause of Jammu and rather has been instrumental in fragmenting Jammu further than making any good for the people and this seven decade old exploitative and discriminatory misrule of Government which has resulted into miseries and most pathetic situation for Jammu.
They said the people have lost all hopes from any dispensation under present setup and wanted the setup to be reorganized after empowering Jammu Politically.
S Harbajan Singh, Kuldeep Singh Parihar, Ashok Beotra, Rajesh Thapa, M.P.S Pali, Bansi Lal, H.C Jalmeria, L.K. Sharma,Ghara Kumar, Vilakshan Singh, Naresh Kumar Sharma and Shristi Paul Mengi, advocates while voicing strong concern and lamenting the role of political representatives of Jammu held them more responsible than any Kashmiri leader for their utter failure even to highlight and register basic grievances of Jammu.
The meeting unanimously resolved to form, “Forum of Advocates for Political Empowerment of Jammu”, an apolitical body creating literature for distribution, committees at district level, door to door campaigning, more such interactions at all levels to include people of all walks of life.