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Accountability of NGOs

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are supposed to assist the Government indirectly in removing wrongs done to society and advocating the cause of deprived people. Union Rural Development Ministry is holding the charge of NGOs chapter in the country. In our county the number of NGOs runs in lakhs. They have to get themselves registered properly with relevant Government agency, for which there are specific rules and procedures. Once they are registered and begin to function, they are allowed to apply for funding from philanthropic organizations and from Social Welfare Ministry. Many of them receive funding from foreign philanthropic organizations. Some of the NGOs receive huge donations. The Supreme Court, while hearing a petition on accountability of NGOs’ financial assets has asked the concerned to explain if they are auditing the accounts of NGOs. We highly appreciate the interest of the SC in dealing with the NGOs most of whom are fake and anti-national as they are used by our enemies to spread slur against the nation. All such NGOs should be struck off the register. They have become a huge cesspool of corruption and anti-national workshops.
Scores of NGOs have mushroomed in our State also especially after the outbreak of armed insurgency in 1990. According to reliable sources, many of them are receiving funds clandestinely from anti-India organizations whether in the country or abroad. Many of these NGOs have also become the mouthpiece of separatist and secessionists since they are paid NGOs. The time has come when their activities should be curbed if national interests and security mean anything with the authorities. We strongly recommend that the Government order an audit of their accounts and the vigilance should also peruse their activities. Those found not conforming to the rules should be de-registered and asked to wind up their shops.


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