Accommodation to Move employees

This in reference to news item pertaining to flats for move  employees in  DE dated 06th Nov. 2017.
The moving of secretariat to Srinagar and Jammu being named as “Durbar Move” reminds us of ‘Rajas’. This tendency in our minds has not changed even after 70 years of Independence. There is lot of burden on the state exchequer in the shape of :
*Expenses incurred on moving record * Maintenance of two secretariats when one remains closed for almost six months.
* Maintenance of bungalows at Srinagar and  Jammu for ministers and bureaucrats who require new furniture after every six months.
*Expenses in shape of TA for frequent work by ministers and  officers from Srinagar to Jammu and vice versa.
* Payment to all the employees in the shape of move allowance every six months.
* Maintenance of flats and quarters at Srinagar as well as Jammu.
This burden on exchequer can be stopped by keeping some of departments at Srinagar and some at Jammu for the  whole of  year. In this way we can save large sums of money for the State.
Yours etc…
Kuldip Gupta
Rehari Colony, Jammu