Accidents after celebrations

It was my fourth day in row that I had been there in and around the Emergency Wing of GMC Jammu but what I saw and observed since the evening of  31 December 2017 is a very dreadful experience of my life.
Arrival of patients at regular intervals to emergency wing of GMC Jammu is not a surprising thing at all but seeing a large number of young accidental cases on a particular day on the name of so-called celebrations of 31st December or 1st January is quite shocking. I salute  the doctors and the paramedics  of GMC Jammu that they left no stone unturned to save  so many precious lives of those who made a mockery of their lives on the name of celebrations.
It was observed that most of the accidents happened only due to the violation of traffic norms and  rash driving after celebration parties. It is no secret   that  we  consume alcohol in these parties.Although everyone has the right to eat , drink or consume according to one’s own choice and budget but at same time  it is also the duty of we all to ensure that our celebrations must be neither troublesome nor risky to others. It is not bad to celebrate   any event or Day  but it is always bad to celebrate at the risk of life. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that our near and dear ones always curiously wait us at home and it is also quite essential that we must reach safe  at right place that is our home rather than an Emergency Wing of any Hospital.
Let us pledge to respect the law,  value the life,  avoid   aggression,  evade conflicts,  and celebrate in a civilized and risk free manner in order to see and live those days for which these celebration parties are actually arranged.
Yours etc….
Subash Brahmnu
Chhatriari Ramnagar