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Abolishing interviews

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the good and much needed decision of declaring that interviews for the candidates applying for non-gazetted posts should be abolished. Consequently letters went from Prime Minister’s office to the States that they should also consider abolishing the interview for selection to non gazetted cadres. The purpose of taking this step was to put an end to corruption. The existing practice is that a post is advertised, applications are scrutinized and those eligible are called to sit for examination. Those who clear the examination are asked to come for personal interview with the selection committee and the verdict of the selection committee is the final word. It is her that large scale complaints of nepotism, bribery and influence have come in. The candidates are rejected or accepted less on their merit and more on the will of the interviewing authority. In this way big injustice is done to the deserving candidates if they have no influence. Therefore to eradicate corruption, it was decided to abolish the interview for non-gazetted posts.
Many states have acted on the directions of the Prime Minister and abolished the interview system but there are my states still including our State that have not so far ordered the abolishing of interview. Dr. Jitendra Singh, MOS in the PM has emphasized the need that all states should implement the directive if corruption is to be eradicated loc, stock and barrel. He was addressing a group of journalist students and said that the country was on the threshold of a socio-intellectual revolution. It was the duty of the youth to bring about this revolution to its logical end. He regretted that many states had not ordered abolishing of interview and thus our talent among the youth was being denied the opportunity of making their contribution to the society.
We would like to impress upon our State authorities that as we are also the victims of unemployment it is important that abolishing of interview is ordered and the root cause of corruption in recruitment is eradicated.


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