Kishtwar airport

Kishtwar, a backward area of Jammu region will get the windfall gift of an air strip for landing and taking off by aircrafts, both military and civilian. Union Minister of State in PMO, Dr. Jitendra Singh has made an announcement in a meeting in which the army and the State Government representatives were present and endorsed the proposal. The land for the air strip will be provided by the State Government and has already been earmarked as close to the Chaugan ground.  While military purpose will have priority of making use of the air strip in connection with security matters, nevertheless the possibility of landing and taking off by civilian planes will mitigate the difficulties of civilians when there are emergency cases to be evacuated to hospitals or safer places. He however, hoped that though this was only the beginning, a day might come when regular civilian air service to and from Kishtwar could become a reality and with that the entire life style of the people will go through a big change.
Modi Government is giving full attention to road, rail and air connectivity of J&K with the rest of the country. The objective is to help people overcome the isolation syndrome. Owing to topographical and geographical conditions of our State, mobility of people remained restricted for hundreds of years and Kashmir always looked like an abandoned place because of long winters, suspended traffic and no real activity. This syndrome has broken and the present Government is seriously planning to connect the State by roads, tunnels, bridges, culvers, airstrips etc. to the mainland.