Power crisis in Valley

The Valley is reeling under unprecedented power crisis this winter. It is unusual that power shut down in most of the Valley is to the tune of 12 to 14 hours in a day. Not only this, there are some areas in remote Valley where power supply remains suspended for days at end. Recurrent power shut down has caused much difficulty to the consumers and no wonder that restive population has begun to resort to street demonstrations against Government’s failure to provide regular power.
Excelsior has learnt that power crisis has happened owing to the collapse of a power tower of Udhampur – Samroli line. As a result of this happening the Valley is getting only 1150 mws of power for its daily use instead of 1900 mws demand.  This leaves a big gap of about 700 mws which is difficult to fill. Though the Transmission Line Maintenance Division III of PDD constructed an Emergency Restoration System (ERS) at its place for transmission of power to Valley but it has only one circuit while the transmission line has double circuit which carries load on both sides. Instead of 300 mw power supplied by the transmission line only 130 mws power is transmitted through the ERS at present.
No doubt that improvements in the transmission system are regularly under review at the level of PDD yet keeping the geographical and climate conditions in view in the entire hilly region and the Valley, the PDD has to plan for alternative supply of power particularly in winter when life in the valley gets paralyzed owing to power failure. A permanent solution of this recurring problem has to be found. Spare machinery and equipment could be placed close to more vulnerable sites of the transmission line as emergency and make shift arrangement. Moreover, the system of keeping transformers functional also needs to be revisited and updated.