Gurez development

Strategically Gurez is a sensitive area being on the link to the Krishan Ganga River. In terms of tourism, if developed, it would be a rare tourist destination owing to the natural setting and scenic beauty of the valley. The Chief Minister recently paid a visit to Gurez. Obviously, the all round development of the area meaning the Gurez Valley was uppermost in her mind to which she gave vent. The foremost item of development which she touched upon is the need to build the tunnel at Razdan pass to make access to the Gurez valley possible round the year. It is a snow bound area and the pass closes for long winter months. The Chief Minister assured the people of Gurez that she would take up the matter with the Union Government and hopefully the project of tunnelling the pass will be through in due course of time.
The Chief Minister touched upon a number of developmental projects and other activities leading to the improvement of life and proving better facilities to the people. We strongly support that Gurez should be brought on the priority map of development in the State. In particular the Valley should be developed for tourism for which it has large potential. Besides that the Valley is also said to be containing rich mineral wealth which has not been explored so far. The people of the area expressed their satisfaction that the Government had introduced helicopter service to the area and that had stood the people in good stead. This backward area needs to be paid full attention and the youth of the area have to be provided with all facilities to develop and contribute to the prosperity of the State. Chief Minister stressed upon improving road network of Astor within Gurez Valley to let people connect with each other. She also directed administration to expedite the process of extending mobile connectivity to the area to remove the communication gap between people here and rest of the State. It is in fitness of things if a comprehensive developmental plan for Gurez is contemplated and placed before the Union Government because of the sensitivity of the region and its security imperatives.