2 G verdict

It is beyond any understanding as to what makes Congress celebrate over the trial Court’s verdict .It is not that charges levelled were proved wrong but the prosecution could not get required material to put up the case as right from the date of the detection of the scam till 2014 it was  UPA2 in Government.
After all the highest court of India did not for no reason order for cancellation of 122 licenses.
Was media, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India wrong ? Was the Supreme Court wrong? If not , what makes Congress celebrate, hug one another and eat forbidden sweets in so much quantity.
The public is more agitated and eager to know where so much of money went .The Government must go in appeal against the verdict to the higher court and in the meantime get orders of detention of all suspected even the highest ones till charges are reframed and preliminary recording of key witnesses is done
Yours etc…..
Nikhil  Gupta
Hari Market