2-day seminar on “Kashmir Shaivism: The unique way of Self Realisation!” concludes

Scholars during a seminar on Kashmir Shaivism at Jammu on Sunday.
Scholars during a seminar on Kashmir Shaivism at Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 5: The two -day long seminar organized by Kashmir Shaiva Institute, Ishwar Ashram Trust (IAT) at Savoy Hotel, here titled as “Kashmir Shaivism:The unique way of Self Realisation!” concluded  today.
The second day of the seminar was attended by eminent personalities including Dr Amitabh Mattoo, Advisor to the Chief Minister of J and K, and an eminent scholar, Professor Ashok Aima, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Jammu (CUJ) also was present in the proceedings.
In his address, Dr Mattoo stated that Kashmir Shaivism was a unique philosophy. He praised the efforts of Ishwar Ashram Trust and its devotees in propagating this philosophy and carrying forward the message of Kashmir Shaivism.
One of the highlights of the day was a 30 minute Skype session with George Barselaar, presently at California. George is an eminent scholar and ardent devotee of Swami Lakshmanjoo Maharaj. This session was projected on a large screen and had many delegates enthusiastically asking questions on Kashmir Shaivism. Besides other devotees, Prof Mattoo too asked questions to George over skype, who replied to all questions in great detail.
Prominent faculty from all over India had been invited to speak at this event in Jammu. These include Dr R.K Angiras (Chandigarh), Dr Varun Tripathi (SMVDU, Katra), Dr Hari Ram Mishra (JNU, New Delhi), Prof.  M L Kokiloo (IAT),  P. N Kaul(IAT), Dr Ajay Kumar  Singh(Central University, Jammu).
The topics covered today included Concept of Moksha (liberation) in Kashmir Shaivism, philosophical aspects of Acharya Abhinavagupta Stotra Sahitya, Concept of Anuttara in Kashmir Shaivism and the concept of Upayas (means) in Kashmir Shaivism.
The scholars who spoke in the seminar were unanimous that Kashmir Shaivism is a unique philosophy that has flourished and propagated in Kashmir for a long time. This philosophy is meant for any human being without restriction of caste, creed, or color. Its purpose is to enable a human being to rise from individuality to universality. The philosophy stresses on self realisation and emphasises that God is not someone separate from us in heaven but is actually present in each one of us. To realize that God and Individual are one is the essence of Kashmir Shaivism.
As is well known, Ishwar Ashram Trust came into existence in 1991 by virtue of will of  SwamiLakshmanjoo a renowned Schoalr of Kashmiri Shaivism of 20th century. Swami Lakshmanjoo was born in Srinagar, Kashmir, on May 9, 1907. Swamiji was the most recent and the greatest of the long line of saints and masters of the Kashmir Shaiva tradition.
Ishwar Ashram Trust is actively engaged in preserving and propagating Kashmir Shaivism. During last two decades in addition to Srinagar Ashram, Ashrams in Jammu, Delhi,Mumbai and recently in Bangalore have been established. The Trust has a website www.ishwarashramtrust.com where teachings of Kashmir Shaivism are freely accessible to all.
The seminar concluded with another melodious Bhajan evening coordinated by the noted singer, Mrs NainaTrisal  (Saproo) who was accompanied by several reputed  Radio and TV artists.