17 States, 6 Central Ministries to showcase their tableaux in Republic Day Parade

NEW DELHI: This year Republic Day Parade on Rajpath will witness tableaux from 17 States and Six Ministries of the Central Government.

These tableaux will showcase varied themes starting from country’s rich cultural heritage and socio-economic development to nation’s progress in key areas like IT, Women, Empowerment and Environment Protection.

Among the States, the tableau of Odisha depicts ‘Dola Jatra’, a popular festival celebrated in the State. This festival signifies the journey of Goddess Radha & Lord Krishna for ultimate union in the tradition of Bhakti cult. ‘Dola Jatra’ coincides with the Holi festival that takes place on Falguna Dashami before full moon day in the midst of February-March.

Arunachal Pradesh will showcase the tableau depicting the Yak Dance, one of the most famous pantomimes of the Mahayana sect of Buddhist Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The masked dancer represents the members of a family who are said to have discovered the Yak with the help of a magical bird hundreds of years ago.

The tableau of Jammu & Kashmir showcases Winter Sports at Gulmarg, a world famous tourist destination of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. During the chilling winter season, the snow-clad hill station of Gulmarg situated at high altitude of 2650 m becomes an attractive winter sports destination that draws tourists from all over the world. The tableau of Assam portrays the holy shrine of Kamakhya that renders prominence to its capital metropolis Guwahati. (AGENCIES)